raw fury #3.5 front

Raw Fury #3.5  – Pink Front Cover

Raw Fury #3.5 (ISSN# 2327-6002 )published by IS Press, Denver in conjunction with Flatlands Press, Chicago.


raw fury #3.5 cu

Raw Fury #3.5  – Pink Detail

Raw Fury #3.5 is a ’zine focusing on contemporary urban art from Chicago and Denver – the cultural bookends of the Midwest. Raw Fury #3.5 was published for the Chicago ZineFest 2016 in an edition of 50. with Denver’s is PRESS in partnership with Chicago’s Flatlands Press.

raw fury #3.5 back

Raw Fury #3.5  – Pink Back Cover

Artist featured: Oscar Arriola’s Printedmatter’s LA Book Fair report. Charlie Vurmin, KASHINK, THOR, Alice Lam, Heather Link-Bergman & CHema Skendal!