LOCATION: Elephant Room Gallery  704 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605
ALL OF THE ABOVE (12 -25th of June 2017) 

ALL OF THE ABOVE: Elephant Room Gallery hosts an Exhibition of Artist and Art Collectives that celebrate and /or embrace community, documentation, Archiving, and Activation of spaces in and through their Art practices. All display a strong leaning toward positive outreach and information sharing through media. A second common connection is collaborative work with Flatlands Studios.

Ephemera & Art objects on display.

Thor Goodlife & Kashink!: Multimedia collaborative Art work,  Large Text Cutouts (wood & paint )
Crimedrought ( Mashaun Hendricks ) posters from CrimeDrought Campaign, and pictures of community members with posters. and T-shirt designs, Plus broadsides.
Oscar Arriola Photography / documentation and ephemera installation
Rebecca Ann Rakstad: collection of letterpress printed broadside affirmations featuring hand set wood type
Peter Miles Bergman: is Emancipation Display and  is Emancipation
Heather Link-Bergman: 3 Collage Letter-pressed posters.
CHEMA SKANDAL! Litho print
Oscar Arriola: Photography documenting the Human Condition  
Alice Lam: “Retail Apology” sculpture as packaging Display and Bonsai display
Tom Bold: Collage works a dozen A5 sized collages, 3 11x 17  3 Collaborative Pot series silkscreens with FLTLNDS PRSS
Eric Von Haynes (FLTLNDS PRSS) : Silkscreened editions, collaborative silkscreen with Dredske, collaborative Silkscreened and risograph art with Tom Bold.

Tim Rodenbröker will have A/V process piece titled “Flow” on display via installed short wave projector. (Flow A/V)
Tim Rodenbröker is driven by the elementary concepts of graphic design, creativity-techniques and the potential of computer-programming. after studying com­muni­cation design in münster and lis­bon he dis­covered creative coding as a power­ful tool to enter new, unex­plored terri­tories. beyond syntax, functions and variables he continues to discover infinite possible appli­cations.

ATOM-R:  Display monitor used to present KJELL THEØRY film performance and a recording on artist speak on process that was used to create parameters for the performance ( KJELL THEØRY)
ATOM-R is a provisional collective exploring forensics, anatomy, and 21st century embodiment through performance, language and emerging technologies. Participants include Mark Jeffery (choreography) and Judd Morrissey (technology and dramaturgical systems) merge digital literary practices and performance, both of whom were members of Goat Island performance group. A given piece may have no singular fixed form but is alternately or simultaneously presented as internet art, duration live installation or a performance of fixed length. The work is performed by Justin Deschamps, Sam Hertz, Christopher Knowlton, and Blake Russell.
On-Site Ani-ism (Brian Steckel) Curated drawing documentation capture first person POV of artist (Head & or Chest Mount). However we will also experiment with a combination of cameras & techniques. Ideally set up a couple micro cams attached to drawing utensils. Footage will be compiled into a edited video to Archive the event.

Happenings, Readings, Workdays / Workshops
CrimeDrought (june 13th) https://www.traphousechicago.us
Mashaun Hendrick’s TRAP HOUSE / CrimeDrought will activate the space 6 – 8pm
We open the door for forward thinking and action driven Chicagoans. Dope Dialogue sessions create space for solution driven dialogue and most importantly action. This is not an event just for entertainment, but to strengthen community, transfer knowledge, share resources, and implement solutions towards a violence and crime free city.
Letterpress Rar Rar Press Broadsides Day (June 20th).

FLTLNDS and RAR RAR Press will offer the opportunity to Letterpress Affirmations on 11×17 Broadsides throughout the day. Offering the Youth and Adults the opportunity to work with 3 centuries of wood type to create lasting memories and statements in Ink.

Fresh Pressed (Thursday June 22nd hours of 12-5pm) will prompt attendees to think about positive happenings in their neighborhood, document them and share it with someone who lives in a different place – creating a positive impression that inspires action or starts a dialogue. We want Chicagoans who are tired of seeing the same shameful stories in the news about their city to show the world #whatsfresh – progressive, unmatched, game changing, cool & beautiful – and create the stories we want to tell about where we live.

Activation Engagement Activities:
Participants will write their positive news and/or stories on addressed postcards which will create a display and later be mailed out by the Fresh Pressed Crew
Participants can complete a Fresh People Q&A which is a short feature spotlighting everyday dynamic people making or advocating a change in their communities.
Participants can conduct Live storytelling via Facebook Live, Twitter, and IG
Newsletter sign up, free swag giveaway (buttons) and an onsite social media contest which will be awarded and fulfilled before the festival ends.

Readings (June 23)
Marc Fisher: Marc dicussed recent projects including: Malachi Ritscher for the Whitney Biennial, Library Excavations, and his Joong Boo Residency program (which has 18 artist so far this year create work in Marc studio for publication).
Peter Miles Bergman: Peter will discuss Self publishing and do readings from the is Emancipation, an anthology of projects from The Institute of Sociometry performance and interventionist art projects dating back 20 years. 

Curated POV Drawing Event: Oscar Arriola’s Secret sticker Club  host the happening, Maximum of a dozen Artist were invited to create on site.

Alice Lam
Chema SKandal! –
Terrance “Dredske’ Byas
Joe “Cujo Dah” Nelson
Jourdon Gullett
Ken R. Klopack

The goal is to capture first person POV of artist (Head & or Chest Mount). However we will also experiment with a combination of cameras & techniques. Ideally set up a couple micro cams attached to drawing utensils. Tablet iPad Pro will be used to capture drawing strokes digitally which could be used for the edit.  
A short film will be create from the footage by Brian Steckel of An-ism: Ani-ism-ist to Archive the Happening.

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