Raw Fury #5 is now available!

Posted on May 14, 2018
Raw Fury #5 is now available!

Raw Fury #5 (ISSN 2327-6002)

Raw Fury #5 is 7.5” square, perfect-bound, 60 page annual book on mixed paper stock with rounded corners. The covers are letterpress printed on 140lb. French paper: Pop-Tone Paper Snow Cone. The Gallery section contains risograph prints. Risograph posters by Kayla Mahaffey and Mac Blackout are included.

Raw Fury #5 is a local scene ‘zine, and a ridiculously fancy annual book with professional editorial standards, that focuses on contemporary urban art from or connected to Chicago and Denver.

Raw Fury #5 includes a cover by Heather Link-Bergman & Peter Miles Bergman, illustrations by CHema Skandal, features by or interviews with, Peter Miles Bergman, Ravi Zupa, bunny M, Josué Pellot, Oscar Arriola, and a gallery featuring Otto Splotch, Tanner Barkin, Izzy Jarvis, An-ism-ist, Mac Blackout, Vincent Comparetto, Heather Link-Bergman, Kayla Mahaffey, and posters by Kayla Mahaffey, Mac Blackout

Support local book and art stores that support independently produces art! Raw Fury #5 will also available in:

Denver at:
Mutiny Information Cafe,
Spectra Arts Space,

Chicago at:
Elephant Room Gallery,

New York City at:
Quimby’s New York


Eric Von Haynes and Peter Miles Bergman editors. Heather Link Bergman art director, Niahra Linhares and Oscar Arriola contributing editors. Contributors listed above
2017 | Edition of 150