Posted on Jul 30, 2014

Raw Fury #1 Raw Fury #2 is currently out in analog format only on! Get it! ¶ Raw Fury #1 (ISSN 2327-6002, by IS Press, Denver and Flatlands Studio, Chicago) is a hand-made 7.5" square, perfect-bound, 60 page, screen-printed, letterpressed, laser printed and photocopied ‘zine on mixed paper stock, with 13 contributors in a […]

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Posted on Jul 2, 2014

instituteofsociometry: #is 06.22.2014 | IS not waiting for the ink to dry before mailing out issues of Raw Fury #2. We got experimental on these envelopes, hand breyering silver splatters on hot pink . The clean up looked like a print-making murder scene.  Raw Fury #2 IS 7.5” square, perfect-bound, 60 page annual book on […]