Posted on Oct 15, 2013

Posted on Oct 13, 2013

instituteofsociometry: #is 10.13.2013 | IS finishing up our four contribution for the Art In Odd Places festival. IS will be showing Opportunity for Reflection 10/18-10/20 on 14th Street. See for a schedule and info about Art In Odd Places 2013; Number. INDIVIDUAL: New York pedestrian on 14th Street between 3rd and 7th avenues on the weekend of October 18th 2013GROUP SIZE: 3 to 7NATURE […]

Posted on Oct 8, 2013

tobia: Toyin OdutolaHold It In Your Mouth A Little Longer2013 Charcoal, Pastel, and Graphite on Paper. 30 x 40 inches.  (Many thanks to Instagram user “displacedbody“ for the title idea.) 

Posted on Oct 5, 2013

flatlands-studios: Now available