Posted on Jun 25, 2011


Traveling the Spaceways: Sun-Ra – The Astro Black and Other Solar Myths

The third volume in WhiteWalls’ series devoted to the endlessly rich life and ideas of Sun-Ra (all three books are available from Half Letter Press). In addition to another batch of reproductions of great archival discoveries, this book has an all star cast of contributing artists and thinkers.

From the back cover:

This compilation of writings on and around Sun Ra’s myths, incluences and methods is assembled primarily from presentations made during “Traveling the Spaceways: Sun Ra, The Afro-Black and Other Solar Myths, a two-day symposium at the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, in November, 2006.

Essays and texts by Cheryl Lynn Bruce, Robert L. Campbell, Phil T. Cohran, John Corbett, Anthony Elms, Karl Erickson, Calvin Forbes, Malik Gaines, Terri Kapsalis, Glenn Ligon, Graham Lock, Victor Margolin, Kerry James Marshall, and Kevin Whitehead are accompanied by images of Sun Ra and El Saturn related materials and ephemera, as well as work by Tim Kerr, Dave Muller, and travis.